How to make the perfect spray starch for quilting fabric

If you like to sew and you’ve ever admired a beautiful, intricate patchwork quilt, you’ve probably wondered, “How did they get the patches to line up so perfectly and maintain such uniformity in shape?”  No doubt you have spent time wrestling with fabrics, trying to prevent them from wobbling when you cut them or stretching in the wrong places when sewing along with the bias, or moving when sewing seams.  The secret that precision patchworkers use…Spray starch, made with Simpli Starch®! 

The advantage of using Simpli Starch® spray starch is that it stiffens your fabrics to make them more manageable. This can really be helpful when you prepare your fabric for cutting and piecing. Your cuts will be more accurate and it will be easier to sew and match seams without your fabric stretching or sliding. This makes quilting using a sewing machine much easier and more efficient!  This method may prove to be a little more difficult if quilting by hand, as it will take an extra push to guide the needle through the starched fabric. Whether you are a first time crafter, or an expert quilter, you will find the quilting process much easier and more efficient when using spray starch made from Simpli Starch®

All Things Needed (Ingredients):

  • Spray bottle 
  • Water 
  • Simpli Starch®


  1. Fill the spray bottle with cold water.
  2. Add 2-parts Simpli Starch® to 16 parts water to make full strength spray starch.
  3. Shake the bottle vigorously until completely mixed (leave space for mixing).
  4. Fill up to 22-parts water for medium strength starch or as desired. Shake well before each use.
  5. Spray back sides of quilting squares with Simpli Starch® until saturated.
  6. Hang quilting squares over rounded wooden dowels or cardboard tubes to air dry to avoid folds.
  7. When squares are completely dry, iron the front side of squares with steam to ensure that they are flattened out.
  8. Sew squares together to create a patchwork quilt.

    Prep Time: 10min

    Tags: crafts