How to make textured chalk paint at home with Simpli Starch®

Who does not love furniture with a rustic, vintage feel? Getting this shabby-chic, distressed style at home has never been easier than when making your own chalk paint using Simpli Starch®. Chalk paint is different from regular paint in that when applied to any service, it gives a nice matte finish as opposed to the glossy look commonly associated with other paints. Not only is chalk paint easy for DIYers to make at home, but it is also easy to apply and can be painted right over most dry, clean surfaces. 

Chalk paint is ideal for anyone looking to add character and vintage feel to their home and furniture. Whether used on chairs, dressers, or bathroom vanities, every home gets a little ‘homier’ with a fresh coat of chalk paint! The best part about using chalk paint is that it does not require the prep work of typical paint. When applying chalk paint to furniture, there is no need to strip previous layers of paint first-they simply add to the textured effect! 

Why make your own chalk paint? Since chalk paint has become extremely popular in DIY circles, the price of chalk paint has gone sky high. Furthermore, often, it is only available in certain designer colors. By making your own chalk paint, not only is it much more economical, but the sky's the limit in terms of the color palette you choose. Using Simpli Starch®, any color paint can be turned into chalk paint. Not only can you use your favorite color but you can easily match other colors in your house by utilizing those half empty cans of paint that you have lying around. Try chalk paint with Simpli Starch® and bring your old furniture back to life in ways you did not even think possible!

All Things Needed (Ingredients):

  • ½ cup water
  • 3 teaspoons of Simpli Starch®
  • ½ cup of your desired paint


  1. Mix 3 teaspoons of Simpli Starch® in ½ cup water. Mix very well until all the Simpli Starch® is dissolved. 
  2. Pour in your paint to your liquid starch mixture. Mix to combine paint and liquid starch. Mix very well until both liquid starch and paint are fully combined. 
  3. Using a paint brush, apply your new ‘Chalk paint’ to your wall or object to get a thick, matte finish that covers all imperfections. 
  4. To achieve an added, distressed effect, choose another darker paint color. Apply darker paint color on top of chalk paint. Then quickly, before it dries, wipe off most of the darker paint with a rag, making sure the darker color only remains in the nooks and crevices of the object or wall you are painting. 

Prep Time: 15min

Tags: crafts