How to make a starch spray to block crochet items and dollies

You’ve created a beautiful crocheted square to be part of a quilt or have crocheted a delicate snowflake or lovely holiday bell decoration. Its time to put your hard work on display! How do you get these creations to maintain their shape and achieve that fantastic finished look or keep the edges from curling?  Now, for that professional finished look, you can block out your crocheted creations in a few easy steps using only Simpli Starch® and water! 

All Things Needed (Ingredients):

  • Cold water
  • Simpli Starch®
  • 1 box of non-rusting pins
  • 1 foam surface


  1. Pour 2 cups of water into a bowl.
  2. Add 1/4 cup of Simpli Starch® to the water in the bowl or 1-part Simpli Starch® to 8 parts water.
  3. Mix vigorously in circular motion making sure to mix in the bottom until starch thickens into smooth liquid.
  4. Dip crocheted creation into the  Simpli Starch® mixture.
  5. Gently wring out excess Simpli Starch®.
  6. For crocheted square and snowflake, lay crocheted creation on foam surface and pin it into the desired shape by inserting pins at an angle.  Insert first pin into corner and second pin into corner diagonally across from first pin.  Continue in this pattern until all edges are pinned down.
  7. Let dry.

Prep Time:  5 minutes to make Simpli Starch mixture
                    10 minutes to pin down crocheted creation

Tags: crafts